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Decreaser pH Pools

Discover how to Decreaser the pH of the pool

PH Decreaser: uses and recommendations

What is a ph Decreaser for?

we explain how to Decreaser the ph of the pool You must use a ph Decreaser. This product is used to Decreaser the pH of pool water when the range in which it is found is above 7.6.

What types of pH Decreasers are there?

There are 2 types of pH Decreaser format, the liquid and the solid format. These products have the same purpose, the difference between them is how fast they act in the water.

The liquid minorator is used when we need Decreaser pool pH quickly.

The granulated Decreaser is used to regulate the ph more slowly, it is a more progressive process.

What happens if the pH of the pool is high?

When the pH of the water is above 7.6, the water will be excessively alkaline. You will have to Decreaser the ph of the pool. This will lead to irritations on the skin of the bathers, also favors the appearance of calcium on the surface of the pool.

When the water has a high ph level, the appearance of the water changes, it becomes opaque and the effectiveness of chlorine is much Decreaser. This translates into less effective disinfection, which increases the presence of bacteria in the water.

How to Decreaser the ph of pool water?

To decrease the pH of the water you must add the appropriate amount of product, depending on the capacity of your pool you must add more or less. It can be dosed by means of automatic regulation and pH control equipment.

For manual dosing, previously dilute the use dose in water and distribute throughout the pool. Take a reading of the pH value after four hours of operation of the purification equipment.

Where can I buy a pH Decreaser for swimming pool water?

If you are looking for a way to Decreaser the pH of pool water, you can visit our online store and request information and prices for our chemical products without any commitment.