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Pool winterizer

Frequently asked questions about our pool water winterization products

Invernador for swimming pools: uses and recommendations

What is pool winterization?

The winter pool It consists of maintaining the water in your pool during the winter season. This maintenance is done with specific products, normally they are long lasting. He pool winterizer prevents algae from appearing in the pool and preserves the water in the best conditions.

In this way, when starting the pool, you only have to carry out a shock or recovery treatment, without having to drain the water from the pool and refill it.

Starting to use the pool winterizer is the answer to how to recover pool water after winter

How to winterize or maintain the pool water?

Add pool winterizer about clean water. Distribute 2.5 liters evenly throughout the pool for every 100 m3 of water to be treated, at the end of the bathing season.

Repeat the treatment every two months. Add a new dose if solid particles are dragged into the pool by rain or wind.

What are the advantages of winterizing?

    • Savings in maintenance costs
    • resource reuse
    • Good looking pool all year round
    • It allows the start-up of the first one in the summer season
    • Pool health monitoring

Where can I buy an invernador for swimming pools?

If you are looking for an effective winterizer for your pool, you can visit our online store and request information and prices of our chemical products for swimming pools without any kind of commitment.