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Cloro en Pastillas Piscinas

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Pool chlorine tablets: Uses and recommendations

Las pastillas cloro piscinas se usan principalmente para desinfectar y mantener limpia el agua de la piscina.

It is recommended to keep the container in a dry place. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. In case of fire or explosion do not breathe fumes. Do not mix with other products, it can release dangerous gases (chlorine).

The best chlorine tablets for swimming pools.

SERCLOR PS ACTION, multi-action chlorine in a quick-dissolving tablet with a bactericidal, flocculant and algaecide effect for the disinfection of your pool water.

¿Cómo usar cloro en pastillas para piscinas?

Place the tablets in the skimmers or chlorinators and allow their complete dissolution until reaching a value in the pool water between 0,5 - 2,0mg/L of free chlorine. To reach the desired level, dose 2 tablets of product for every 50 m3 of pool water to treat. Replenish the tablets to keep the chlorine level free as they are consumed.

How many grams of chlorine per liter of water?

Para alcanzar los niveles adecuados dosificar la cantidad establecida según sea cloro lento o multiacción. Reponer las tabletas para mantener el nivel de cloro libre a medida que se vayan consumiendo.

Chlorine price pills

The price of pool chlorine tablets varies depending on the format of the container and the type.

Where can I buy chlorine tablets?

Puedes encontrar toda la gama completa de pastillas cloro piscinas en nuestra tienda online.