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Increaser pH Pools

Descubre cómo subir el pH de la piscina

Incrementador de PH: usos y recomendaciones

¿Qué es y para qué sirve un incrementador de pH?

This chemical is used to subir el ph del agua de la piscina, you have to adjust the pH setting of swimming pool water when it is higher than 7.6.

The pH value of the pool water must be between parameters 7.2 and 7.6 and its control will be carried out daily.

What types are there and which one should I choose?

Existen incrementadores de pH líquidos y sólidos para subir el ph de la piscina. Estos productos tienen la misma funcionalidad, la única diferencia es la rapidez de actuación.

The ph increaserliquid is used when we need to regulate the pH quickly.

The pH increaser granulado se usa para incrementar el ph progresivamente y de forma más lenta.

¿Qué ocurre si el pH de la piscina está bajo?

A pH imbalance can cause discomfort to the skin and eyes of bathers, acidity of the water, as well as a Decreaser performance of disinfectant products. It is therefore essential to adjust the pH for optimum water treatment.

¿Cómo subir el PH de la piscina?

The pH increaser must be dosed using an appropriate dosing pump.

If it is distributed directly to the pool, it must be in the absence of bathers and with the treatment plant running.

You must distribute it very carefully, directly from the container and avoiding splashes, both to the installation and to people.

Where can I buy a pH increaser for swimming pool water?

If you are looking for a way to Increaser the pH of pool water, you can visit our online store and request information and prices for our chemical products without any commitment.