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Frequently asked questions about our flocculant products

Flocculant for swimming pools: uses and recommendations

What is pool flocculant and what is it for?

It's about a flocculant for swimming pools that allows its use in a wide range of pH presenting good coagulation and decantation speeds.

It forms easily filterable flocs, eliminating metal ions (iron and manganese) and organic matter, improving the bacteriological quality of the water and reducing the consumption of products used in disinfection.

The pool flocculant It is effective against highly turbid water and has a Decreaser tendency to cause overdosing phenomena.

What types of flocculants are there?

There are 3 types of flocculants, in liquid flocculants, granulated flocculants and flocculants in tablets. They all have the same function, the only difference is the speed of action of the product in the water. These products will help you keep your pool water clear and free of particles on the surface.

We currently have 2 types of liquid flocculants. The aluminum sulfate-based flocculant and the aluminum polychloride flocculant.

The pool flocculant solid is perfect for a sDecreaser effect, they can be used both in granular and tablet format. Depending on the format you prefer.

How to put flocculant in the pool?

we help you to know how to put flocculant in the pool With the filtration equipment stopped and without the presence of bathers in the pool, add flocculant for every 100 m3 of water depending on the turbidity of the water.

The product can be previously dissolved in a container with water and distribute the solution on the surface of the pool evenly. After 8 – 10 hours, the bottom of the pool must be cleaned, eliminating the flocs formed.

Where can I buy flocculant or clarifier for swimming pools?

At Servypool we have a wide range of flocculants. You can visit our online store and request information and prices for our chemical products without any commitment.