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Information on the use of our neutralizer

What is it and what are pool neutralizers used for?

The function of chlorine neutralizer is to eliminate excess chlorine and bromine.

When biocide values are high, they can cause irritation to the skin and eyes of bathers, so it is essential to adjust their value to the appropriate levels.

It is advisable to comply with the values established by the legislation and not exceed them.

What function does the chlorine neutralizer have?

chlorine neutralizer in liquid form used to reduce free residual chlorine in pool water when it is above 2 mg/l.

How to apply the chlorine neutralizer?

The disinfectant value must be determined daily and adjusted to the indicated values of Free Chlorine 0.5 – 2 mg/.

If this value is slightly exceeded, the biocide dosage should be stopped and the excess product allowed to be consumed until the appropriate values are reached.

If this value is exceeded to a greater extent, the chlorine neutralizer to reduce it quickly.

As a guide dose, 0.35 l will be added for each ppm of free residual chlorine to be eliminated and for each 100 m3 of water to be treated.

After the addition of the product, a correct homogenization of the pool water should be guaranteed (consider a complete homogeneization once the pool water volume has been recirculated at least once, completing an entire filtration cycle).

The free chlorine content must be guaranteed bewteen the recommended range (from 0,5 to 2,0mg/L of free chlorine) before the swimming pool can be used for bathers.

Where can I buy a neutralizer for swimming pool water?

If you are looking for an effective neutralizer for your pool, you can visit our online store and request information and prices of our chemical products for swimming pools without any commitment.