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Information on the use of our descalers

Descalers for swimming pools: uses and recommendations

What is it and what are descalers for swimming pools used for?

The pool descaler is an acid-based chemical cleaner for cleaning lime scale, rust and stains from walls and surfaces.

Above all, it is used for cleaning pools, pools, pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, refrigeration circuits.

It is recommended to use it on the metallic parts of the pool, on inorganic scale and on the sand filter.

How to clean the bottom and walls of a swimming pool?

The easiest way to clean the bottom of your pool is with a pool cleaner.

When you have to clean the incrustations from the walls you should take a brush and rub, you can put cleanersfor swimming pool on the wall before rubbing for a better result.

How to apply pool descaler?

The pool descaler it must be dosed on the volume of fluid contained in the circuit or equipment to be cleaned. Calculate 250 ppm based on the volume and add to the circuit in fractions of 25%, leaving it to act for at least 30-60 minutes, after which the next fraction is added and so on until the fourth.

Once all the cleaning product has been added, it may be necessary to leave it in recirculation for several hours for complete cleaning. AND

The pool cleaner it has a color indicator that changes from violet to yellow while scale is pending removal.

Drain the system and check that the water with the descaler is still purple, indicating that not all of the product has been consumed. Open the purge or water outlets as far as possible so that the liquid contained in the circuit is gradually renewed.

Eliminate calcareous remains and impurities, rinsing under pressure to remove all residues until a neutral pH is achieved. Two or three washes are recommended before refilling the equipment.

Where can I buy descaler for swimming pools?

If you are looking for an effective descaler for your pool, you can visit our online store and request information and prices for our chemical products without any commitment.