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Frequently asked questions about our Bromine for swimming pools

Bromine for swimming pools: uses and recommendations

What is it and how is bromine used for spas or swimming pools?

Bromine swimming pools in tablets, is a slow-dissolving organic compound based on bromine, for the maintenance of clean and hygienically pure water.

Dissolving bromine tablets in water forms hypochlorous and hypobromous acid. This destroys bacteria, algae and fungi, converting itself into bromide ion.

The use of bromine for swimming pools is recommended when they are indoor pools or spas, since the water temperature always tends to be higher. This product remains stable at high temperatures, retaining its effectiveness up to 40ºC, which is why it is more effective than chlorine.

What types of bromine are there?

There are two types of bromes for swimming pools, solid bromine and sodium bromine with sodium hypochlorite also known as sodium hypobromite. The bromine you normally use is solid bromine tablets.

What is better chlorine or bromine?

Depending on the type of pools you have, it is better to use bromine or chlorine.

Chlorine is more effective against ultraviolet rays, since it contains chemical stabilizers. For this reason, we advise you to use chlorine for your outdoor pool.

The bromine in swimming pools it does not give off unpleasant odors, does not irritate the skin or eyes and does not affect textiles, its effectiveness being higher in water with high temperatures.

Also, bromine for swimming pools is much more effective than chlorine when pH levels increase, it can go up to pH 7.8.

How many liters of bromine per liter of pool water?

The recomended residual bromine values are:

    • Private pools 1.0-3.0 ppm
    • Private spas 2.0-4-0 ppm
    • Public pools 3.0-5.0 ppm
    • Public spas 4.0-6.0 ppm

How to put bromine in the pool?

You must dose enough to maintain the residual required by law. Its dosing system through a bromine tablet dispenser provides the right level of disinfectant, thus protecting bathers and avoiding excessive product consumption.

Where can I buy bromine for swimming pools?

If you are looking for an effective bromine for your pool, you can visit our online store and request information and prices of our chemical products for swimming pools without any commitment.