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chlorine for swimming pools

Información de uso de nuestro cloro

Chlorine for swimming pools: uses and recommendations

¿Cómo usar el cloro para piscinas?

If you need to change the chlorine level quickly, you have to use fast chlorine or dichlor. To carry out maintenance, slow chlorine or trichlor is more suitable and if you need to treat your pool in an extra way, usechlorine for swimming pools multiaction.

What types of chlorine are there?

There are 3 types of chlorine for swimming pools, slow chlorine or trichlor, fast chlorine or dichlor and multi-action.

Hay 3 formatos, Liquid Chlorine, Granulated chlorine and chlorine tablets.

Depende de las necesidades de tu agua tendrás que utilizar un tipo de cloro u otro.

¿Cómo echar cloro en la piscina?

Each chlorine format requires a different dosage.

Dosage chlorine in pool tablets: Colocar las pastillas en un punto en el que se genere turbulence or agitation and allow its complete dissolution until reaching 0,4 – 1 mg/l de cloro libre, en los puntos de consumo.

To reach these levels dose 15 gr every m3 of water.

Dosificación cloro granulado:

Dosage Liquid Chlorine: Liquid chlorine can be applied manually or by a sistema automatizado de inyección (bomba dosificadora de regulación automática o semiautomatic).

How many liters of chlorine per liter of pool water?

Debes añadir 250 ml. de chlorinepor cada 10 m3 para conseguir que el agua de tu piscina esté desinfectada.

When is it advisable to add chlorine to the pool?

Es recomendable añadir Chlorine for swimming pools. cuando el residual de cloro en el agua no sea el adecuado, as this can cause irritation to the eyes and skin of bathers.

¿En qué tipo de piscinas es recomendable usar cloro?

At Servypool, we recommend using chlorine in any type of pool, regardless of its size or shape: Overflowing, small, inflatable, removable, prefabricated, buried, covered, etc...

Where can I buy chlorine for swimming pools?

If you are looking for a effective chlorine for your pool You can visit our online store and request information and prices of our chemical products without any kind of commitment.