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As long as summer time approaches, days are get longer and hotter, thus increasing the desire to take a good dip in the pool. We explain you everything you need to know to carry out the start-up your pool and to ensure its correct operation throughout the season.

We are gonna give you some tips you can follow in case you have winterize your pool during the cooler months, when the pool has not been in use as frequently. Take a note of the steps you have to follow to setting-up your pool.

1- Water level.

If you observe that the water has descended, you have to fill the pool to the proper level. If the level is exceeded, nothing happens, it will be useful for cleaning and setting up to the pool.

2- Remove impurities

If you have dirt at the bottom of the swimming pool is sufficient to eliminated with a manuals sweeper. In the case you have a great deal of turbidity as well as suspended solids, you must use the flocculant.floculante SERFLOCWe recomended use a liquid floculant.

3- Adjust the PH of the water

Is very importat for setting-up your pool adjust the PH of your water, recommended pH values are between 7,2 and 7,6. If not, you have to regulate the water using el PH booster SERMAS PH o un pH Decreaser SERMINUS PH, según las necesidades del agua. No debes saltarte este paso, un pH fuera de los parámetros recomendados puede provocar irritaciones de los ojos y problemas en la piel.

4- Water desinfection

Tienes que realizar una cloración para conseguir los niveles de cloro adecuados, lo mejor es utilizar un CHLORINE con acción de choque SERCLOR PS ACTION To desinfect the water. Is essential use a stronger chlorine than usual with quick action.

5- Clarifying the water

If after chlorine you still don't observe the crystalline water and you see some turbidity, you should dose a dose of flocculant.floculante SERFLOCWe reccomend use a liquid flocculant. In consecuence, you will get your pool ready and have the water totally cristalline.

Remember that… It's not just that the water seems clean, but that it is clean and adapted to our needs.

For any questions about how to treat your pool and which products you should use, get in touch with our experts. AQUÍ

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