As far as disinfection is concerned, there are two essential products for swimming-pool lovers; chlorine and bromine products. Both of them are excellent disinfecting agents.

Traditionally, chlorine has been the most commonly used product when it comes to swimming pools, while the usage of bromine being has been more focused to SPAs treatments. However, it is well known that bromine can also be successfully used in swimming pools.

Bromine benefits

The Bromine for swimming pool It does not leave unpleasant smells, does not irritate the skin or eyes and does not effect to textiles.

It Is much more effective than chlorine when the PH levels increasing. If the PH increases more than 7,4 the effectivity of the chlorine decreases, however, bromine can hold up to a PH of 7,8.

The bromine is more inidcated for indoor pools or spas, because the temperature water is superior. This product remains stable at high temperature, preserving its effectiveness up to 40ºC, for this reason, this product is more efective than the chlorine. In this case we recomend you use a SERBROM PS.

By last, the residues it leaves behind when combined with other components of water, bromamines, are less aggresive and produce less irritation than chlorine.

Chlorine benefits.

One of the most important benefits are the price, the chlorine has a price more economic.

The Chlorine for swimming pools. It is desinfectant as well as oxidant, while bromine only have a capacity of desinfection.

This desinfectant have a efectivity more elevated against ultraviolet rays, because it contains chemical stabilizers. In the case of the bromine its effect could wear out before with direct sunlight because it not have stabilizers. For this reason, we recomend you to use a chlorine for your outdoor pool.

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